Lemon Benefits For Hair Growth

Lemon Benefits For Hair Growth

Lemon is a natural asset that could be used for health because it contains high vitamin C, other than beneficial to health, and lemon is also beneficial for the health of our hair, for example: to prevent hair loss, eradicate dandruff, oily hair care, etc. So, that’s mean we can use lemon benefits for hair growth health.

Lime with the Latin name Citrus Aurantifolia been very popular throughout the world. Lemon fruit size is no larger than a golf ball is a herbaceous plant with many branches and belong to a class of herbs into pieces two or dicots. Tree height can reach 6 meters with ovoid shape of the leaves and stalks, before becoming fruit, lemon-shaped white flowers, resembling a star. Trunked hardwood and usually can only bear fruit after 2.5 years from the first plantings. Most lime grows well in lowland areas much sun. Therefore, lime category of tropical plants.

Lime is solid green, to yellowish turned out to save a lot of benefits. Sour taste of the meat that is rich in vitamin C. Lemon juice also contains minerals, which can be useful to be used as medicine for people with hypertension, dysentery, cough and vertigo. Lime can also eliminate bad breath and burn fat in the body. The most interesting, lime juice turned out to save a tremendous benefit to the health and beauty of hair.

Lemon benefits for hair growth health

Lemon for dandruff

Dandruff is a scalp crust or the rest of the dead skin on the head that disrupt healthy hair. Effects itching caused by dandruff, making people hooked scratching his scalp. Scratching your scalp will make hair become broken and weakened hair roots which then lead to hair loss.You can use lemon juice to get rid of dandruff naturally from your scalp. Treatment to prevent dandruff using lime can be done by rubbing lemon juice into hair / scalp, then let stand for 20-30 minutes. Once dry, rinse thoroughly. Perform routine 2-3 times a week.

Lemon for oily hair care

Hair oil, useful for moisturizing the hair to elasticity, each strand are well preserved, but if excess hair oils, the effect can actually make hair limp. Generally, the owner of the oily hair, often complain that their hair become dirty quickly and that's mean they needs oily hair care. To clean the dirt you can clean it with lemon juice diluted in warm water. Wipe the entire surface of the hair with a towel. If done regularly, in addition to making clean hair will make hair softer, smoother and looks shinier.

Lemon on black hair

for those of you who have black hair but little blonde, probably because it is often exposed to sunlight. Lime can be used more discolor your hair. The trick is to squeeze the lemon, then rub the lime juice to the hair, and dried in the sun for 1 hour. After lime juice is absorbed into the hair and dry, you just rinse with shampoo to clean. When we do it intensively, the result would reduce the blonde hair and the hair will look healthier. And if you need it you can get more tips in choosing shampoo to cure for baldness.

Lemon juice for shiny hair

Shiny hair is a dream of every person, especially women who have long hair. Long hair that sparkles will add value on a woman's beauty. Lime can help you realize the desire how to get shiny hair. It's easy; just mix 1 tablespoon honey or 1 tablespoon of the olive oil with the lemon squeezed. Way of life applies the mixture to the hair with a towel after shampooing. After a few minutes then rinse with shampoo to clean and dry.

Lemon for hair Loss prevention

Use lemon to prevent hair loss, because basically the lemon is used to maintain healthy hair, so if your hair is always healthy, then your hair will always be strong, so that we can avoid hair loss. Hair loss if left unchecked can lead to baldness and certainly we will need a cure for baldness, and to prevent it, we could do it by maintain of our hair health. One of the essential nutrients that can help to maintain the hair health is Vitamin C and lemon is a fruit that contains vitamin C is very high. The trick is to cut lemon into pieces and rub into hair and then wrap it with a towel and let stand overnight. Do it once a week, so that we can prevent hair loss and maintain the healthy hair. And for another tips no harm if you try bananas prevent hair loss.

Lemon overcome hair branching

Usually hair branching is often experienced by long hair. This certainly disturbs the beauty of your hair. To overcome this, you can try lemon water mixed with olive oil. Regularly applying this mixture to your hair and hair branching will be overcome. And for more information no harm if you know about hair branching factors and treatments.

Lemon makes fragrant hair

If your hair is oily, sweaty, or hair exposed to sunlight, it will usually cause a bad odor to the hair. And to overcome this, you can make lemon spray water. The trick, squeeze the lemon and put the water in the spray. Then spray the lemon water directly into your hair so that you will have fresh hair and fragrant hair.

Lemon removes dead skin on the scalp

Sometimes dead skin on the scalp is often difficult to remove. This dead skin can cause dandruff and itching on the scalp and itchy scalp causes hair loss if left unchecked. The trick: slice the lemon into several parts. Place the lemon slices on the scalp, hold for 5 minutes and after that rinse your hair. Then the dead skin on the scalp will release itself.

Lemons get rid of head lice

Lice problems can cause our activities to be disrupted, because fleas can cause itching so that it can disrupt our concentration, when we do activities. And citric acid contained in lemon is a substance that can get rid of head lice in the hair. Squeeze the lemon mixed with vinegar and apply it evenly to the hair. Lemon can also neutralize the smell of vinegar. Cover with a shower cap so the lice do not run away and die inside. Let stand for 30 minutes and then wash with shampoo.

Lemon as a natural conditioner

After washing your hair with shampoo, to make your hair smooth, we usually use conditioner. But if you want a conditioner made from natural ingredients, you can use lemon water mixed with coconut water. Use this mixture after washing your hair with shampoo. Then rinse your hair thoroughly.

Lemon overcomes infection on the scalp

Infection of the scalp will make your scalp sore. Infection can be caused by itching being scratched too hard, causing injury to the scalp. Therefore in order not to cause more severe wounds; use lemon water to treat it. Lemon water applied on the scalp can clean the scalp from infection. Don't let itchy scalp unchecked because itchy scalp causes hair loss and damage your hair.

Lemon strengthens hair roots

Basically, healthy hair is determined by the strength of the hair root. Lemon is believed to be able how to strengthen hair roots so that the hair does not fall out easily. The trick: squeeze the lemon in the container then put an egg and stir until smooth and after that apply to the hair until evenly distributed. Cover the hair with a shower cap for one hour to soak into the scalp. After that, just rinse with shampoo until clean.

Lemon stimulate hair growth

To overcome the problem of thin hair, a mixture of lemon, olive oil and coconut oil is believed to help how to stimulate hair growth. You do this by mixing the three ingredients, and then use them in the hair while massaging them on the scalp. Cover with a shower cap for one hour and then rinse with shampoo. The mixture of all three ingredients will also make your hair thick and shiny.

Lemon thickens hair naturally

For those of you who want thick and shiny hair, you can also try a mixture of lemon water and coconut water. Apply this mixture to thicken hair naturally, and then rinse with water without using shampoo.

Lemon's contents per 100g

Calories 29 cal

carbohydrates 9.3 g

Air 89%

Protein 1.1 g

2.5g sugar

Fiber 2.8 g

0.3g fat

Vitamin A 1µg

Vitamin C 53 mg

Vitamin D 0µg

Vitamin E 0.15 mg

Vitamin K 0, µg

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) 0.04 mg

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 0.02 mg

Vitamin B3 (Niacin) 0.1 mg

Vitamin B5 (Panthothenic acid) 0.19 mg

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) 0.08 mg

Vitamin B9 (Folate) 11 µg

Vitamin B12 0 µg

Cholin 5.1mg

Calcium 26 mg

Iron 0.6mg

Magnesium 8 mg

Phosphorus 16 mg

Potassium (Potassium) 138 mg

Sodium 2 mg

0.06mg of Zinc (Zinc)

Copper (Copper) 0.04 mg

Manganese 0.03 mg

Selenium 0.4 µg

That's some lemon benefits for hair growth health and you can compare to with orange benefits for hair. Keep our hair to stay healthy and strong, so that we can avoid baldness, because the hair is one source of our confidence and with our confidence we can enjoy our life much better. But if you need the best method and the simplest method to cure your excessive hair loss or baldness, you can download the best hair regrowth method below and you will get the best and simplest solution for your hair problems.

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