Itchy Scalp Causes Hair Loss

Itchy Scalp Causes Hair Loss

Baldness is something that is not desired by every man and woman. Therefore, all means will be done to cure for baldness. In maintaining the health of the hair to avoid hair loss, one that must be considered is the health of the scalp, because the scalp is where the hair grows. When our scalp is healthy, then the hair can grow healthy. But if your scalp is not healthy then the hair can not grow healthy too. And itchy scalp is the sign that your scalp is not healthy. So that is the reasons why it is said the itchy scalp causes hair loss and baldness.

Itchy scalp is very disturbing. This itching can come at any time, especially when you are outdoors during hot weather. Dust and sweat can trigger itchy scalp. The desire to scratch, but can make a cut on the scalp can lead to infection and can lead to baldness.

Itchy scalp causes hair loss and baldness

Some causes of itchy scalp


In general, itching of the scalp is usually caused by dandruff. Medical condition of dandruff is caused by an overgrowth of hair fungus. Fungi typically grow and develop rapidly due to dead skin cells and excess oil in the hair area. 


Other causes of itching, it could be because of an allergic reaction to hair care products daily. For example, custom dry your hair with hair dryer or use a hair spray that can make the scalp becomes irritated and dry, if your hair in wet condition, keep away from using a hair dryer with the heat temperature, because it can damage the hair and scalp.


Less Humid environments

Itchy scalp can also be caused by environmental factors. Other factors that contribute to the irritation of the scalp, due to environmental factors that cool, with low humidity, and also the effects of wind and sun.


Itchy scalp can be a serious problem

Sometimes that is often itchy scalp, can be a serious sign that could strike a healthy scalp. When our scalp feels crusty, thick, lots of patches or bleed easily when scratched, you can likely affected by psoriasis, the skin autoimmune diseases, beginning with itching or pain scales. When the scales lifted or scratched then there will be blood under the skin, accompanied by itching, hair loss or fracture. And before getting worse, in this condition you have to stop scratching your head.

Or worse yet, if your scalp often bleed when you scratch it, and also there is pus out, you are likely a staph infection. Staphylococcal skin disease occurs due to the accumulation of pus. Usually the infected area becomes red, swollen, and painful. Therefore, consult your doctor immediately if your scalp itches continually, before the itch to be a serious problem.

How To Get Rid Of Itchy Scalp

Maintain Cleanliness

The main trigger itching on the scalp is dirt and mildew. Therefore, always keep your scalp clean. Wash regularly with cleansing shampoo anti dandruff shampoo or if you are prone to dandruff. For mild cases of dandruff, advised to use a shampoo that contains elements of zinc pyrithione and selenium, or tea tree oil. If your scalp does not itch but over exfoliate, try a shampoo with salicylic acid to reduce mold growth. For more serious cases, you may also take antifungal pills.

Reduce the use of products made from chemicals

Be smart in choosing a hair dye products or styling products, because products usually contain of chemicals, which can easily lead to scalp irritation and itching. And as we know that chemicals damage the hair.

Better use cold water for hair than warm water

In the morning, if the temperature is cold, it is better you use warm water for bathing. But, it will be better if you try to keep using cold water for the hair. That's because warm water can also lead to irritation especially on sensitive scalp. In addition, the hot water can also remove the natural oils of your scalp, so your scalp becomes dry and very sensitive. Therefore it is recommended to use a conditioner after shampooing, as it helps to moisturize the hair and scalp.

Keep the humidity

Dry scalp conditions also can make the itching. To prevent this, use special oil for hair or hair lotion on a regular basis.


When you are outdoors, wear a hat or umbrella to protect your hair from ultraviolet rays. Or, to make it look more stylish, just wrap a scarf around the head. This is to protect your scalp from dirt and mildew.

Those are about the itchy scalp causes hair loss and baldness. So, take care of our scalp to stay healthy, to avoid hair loss and baldness, and to help us in cure for baldness.

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