Hair Care Before Bed

Hair Care Before Bed

Hair is a very valuable asset to us. Therefore we are always looking for ways to keep our hair, always in a state of healthy and avoid baldness. Many people who experience hair loss, begins with the little things that go unnoticed. Therefore, before baldness occurs we should pay attention to the small things, but it can keep us from baldness, because it prevents baldness is better than cure for baldness. An example is hair care before bed. Day of activities truly make tired, but not a reason to skip the self-care at night. Before bed, in addition to cleaning your face, do not forget to take care of hair. Perform these steps in order to keep hair protected and healthy. Choose a hair serum that is specifically used for the evenings before bed to keep well groomed hair.

Here are some tips about hair care before bed :

Wash hair

If your hair feels dirty, you should wash your hair before bed. Leaving dirt, nesting longer on the head can damage the scalp and can threat the hair health. But do not forget to dry the hair before going to bed. Many women sleep with wet hair - this is not good. Water that is too long stuck in hair can make hair brittle and damaged. Moreover wet hair cause damp conditions in the head. This can lead to dandruff and hair that smell. 

Don't Let Hair Matted

Don’t sleep with matted hair can lead to hair loss due to friction and can lead to baldness. Before bed comb hair neat, but do not have up to 100 times. Excessive combing will also cause hair brittle and fall out. So be careful when you comb your hair find out how to comb your hair properly and for you who have brittle hair, find out how to fix brittle hair to keep your hair health.

Specialized hair care

Use specialized hair care that can be worn overnight. This treatment is usually available in the form of serum serves to strengthen and nourish hair roots and hair shaft. Choose a hair serum that is specifically used for at night before bed.

Natural hair care

For those of you, who want to do the natural hair care, can choose olive oil hair care before bed. Use a little olive oil on the ends of hair to make hair stronger and avoid dry hair. Do not forget to wash the remaining oil in the morning.

Hair Friction

When you sleep often change position and move the head. Head movements could swipe the hair and cause it to fall off easily. That is why you often see strands of hair loss on pillow. The solution, forming ponytail hair tie, but not too tight, use a soft material or cover your hair with a shower cap from the fine materials. This can reduce the risk of loss due to friction. And for inside hair care you can use juice benefits for hair growth and for outside hair care you can use fruits for hair mask.

Satin Pillowcase

For more leverage should change your pillowcase with satin pillowcase. Satin is very friendly to the hair and does not cause friction rude like other materials. When you move your head when sleeping, hair will not be rubbed, and will not easily fall out. But if you see the excessive hair loss when you wake up, will be better if you find out what the causes of hair loss.

That's some hair care before bed which you can use for your hair health and remember, preventing baldness is better than cure for baldness, but for those of you who have experienced hair loss or baldness do not despair, because you can find the best solution at:

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