How To Wash Your Hair

How To Wash Your Hair

When maintain the health and strength of hair. There are several factors that we must consider in order to keep hair healthy and avoid baldness. One of the factors is how to wash your hair. Because if you do not wash your hair properly, your hair will become unhealthy and can cause various hair problems like dandruff, itchy scalp, dull hair, hair loss, brittle hair, branched hair, and even can lead to baldness. Therefore, wash your hair properly, so that your hair becomes healthy and strong. And below some things about how to wash your hair.

Here some tips about how to wash your hair

Wash hair regularly

If we are people who have high activity, or a lot of sweat and dirty, then we should wash our hair every day. But if our activities are less and not spend too much energy, so we just wash our hair about two/three days one time. So in essence washing your hair too often can damage the health of your hair, but never washing your hair can also damage the health of your hair and sometime the head lice will appears on your head. So wash your hair properly in accordance with the condition of your hair, so that the health of your hair can always be maintained, and with wash your hair properly you do one of the steps for the head lice prevention and then you will always have fragrant hair.


Combing Hair

Combing hair should be done when the hair has dried. Do not let you comb your hair when wet, because when wet, the hair in a very fragile state. So if combed, the hair will break or fall out. So it would be better if you wait until your hair is dry, then after that you can comb your hair. But to dry your wet hair you should also avoid hair dryer, it would be better if you use a towel or let it dry by itself.


Choosing a shampoo

In choosing a shampoo you should know your hair type, because if you choose a shampoo that does not match the type of your hair, it will damage your hair. Choose a shampoo, and adjust to your hair type, for example a shampoo for oily hair or dry hair. Find the right shampoo for your hair type, and do not often change shampoo.


Do not excessive in use of hair care products

Hair does require treatment, but the use of hair care products, do not need to use it excessively, because the hair care products are common chemicals. And if used in excess, chemicals damage the hair growth.


Do not use hot water

To wash hair you should use cold water only, because if the water temperature is too hot, it will make the hair and scalp to become dry. So the hair will be brittle and fall out. Those are some tips on how to wash your hair, hopefully can be useful for us.

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