Bananas Prevent Hair Loss

Bananas Prevent Hair Loss

Have beautiful hair is a dream for every person. In fact, there is an opinion that the hair is a crown. In order to maintain the beauty of the crown, many people are willing to spend a lot of money for treatment, or go to the salon to be practical. However, if we go to the salon, it is definitely will need a lot of money to maintain.

If you want to be more efficient, there are actually hair treatments that can be done at home. And besides that, the price is much cheaper than the cost to the salon. The materials can be of our own making and is very easy to find all around us. The main component to make it is bananas.

Banana was a fruit that has benefits for hair, and one of them as the foods that prevent hair loss. Bananas can be found in almost all tropical regions, because basically, banana classified as a fruit that thrives in tropical climates, where the sun very much.


Banana is a delicious fruit to be consumed directly or after being processed first, such as the sale or banana chips. In addition to having good taste, bananas are also saving benefits that are very diverse.


Many people who do not know that bananas actually have efficacy for beauty, such as for maintaining good hair health and beauty as described previously. Before you make a potion of bananas prevent hair loss, it's good to know what benefits of bananas for healthy hair.

Bananas contain vitamins and minerals that are believed to moisturize the scalp and soften rough hair. In addition, this fruit also contains emollient, which is very good for hair health care.

Just like vitamins and minerals. Emollient has benefits, to moisturize and soften the hair scalp. Bananas also contain iron which can strengthen the hair roots. So, if we have problems with hair loss, we can use bananas prevent hair loss.

Here's tips about bananas prevent hair loss

Strengthens and shines the hair

To make hair look shiny and strong, so it does not easily fall out, and of course we can prevent hair loss. The materials needed are one banana, a tablespoon of sunflower oil or sunflower oil, and a half tablespoon of lime juice.

How to make it: smashing bananas until smooth. After that mix the sunflower oil and lemon juice, then stir until all the mixture evenly. Apply the mixture on the hair from root to tip of hair until evenly. After that cover head with a towel and let stand for about 30 minutes. Then, rinse hair with warm water until clean. To get maximum results, do this treatment once a week.


Moisturize scalp

The materials needed to make the potion to get rid of dry scalp besides bananas we also needed a teaspoon of olive oil, and coconut milk. Olive oil used, better use the extra virgin, which can be purchased at pharmacies, and coconut milk should be taken from old coconut.

How to make it: first of all smash the banana until smooth. Then enter the olive oil and coconut milk until all ingredients are well blended. After finished materials, rub on hair that has been previously washed. Let stand for 10 minutes, after that, rinse your hair use warm water to clean. This treatment can be done once a week.

Those are some tips about bananas prevent hair loss, may be useful for all of us. Strong and healthy hair is the dream of all of us. But if hair loss or baldness has occurred, do not worry..!! Below is the best method to cure your hair loss and your baldness.

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