Get Rid Of Dandruff Naturally

Get Rid Of Dandruff Naturally

Dandruff rightfully should not be allowed, because in addition to disturbing appearance, dandruff can also cause hair loss and hair loss if left unchecked can lead to baldness. To get rid of dandruff are many ways you can do, other than using a shampoo or products sold in the market, we can also get rid of dandruff naturally. In addition to rarely cause side effects, cost is also very cheap and we can do it ourselves.

Dandruff is a problem that is so annoying. In addition to making the itching, dandruff hair that looks at making sense of confidence is lost, as if you are so lazy to clean the hair. In general dandruff experienced by everyone because the cells of the scalp will continue to regenerate, especially at the age of puberty and of any gender and ethnicity experiencing dandruff. Excessive Dandruff often causes itching. Keratinocytes play a key role in the expression and generation of immunological reactions during dandruff formation. The severity of dandruff may fluctuate with the seasons, especially in winter and excessive perspiration.

Some factors that can causes of dandruff are fungus, oily skin, excessive sweating, skin heads that are incompatible with the use of hair care products such as shampoos and hair oil as well as other factors. In absolute terms dandruff can not be eliminated because of the regeneration of cells bound to happen, but we can do is make dandruff discharge to be normal. And to eliminate dandruff safely, we can use natural ingredients, such as some tips below about get rid of dandruff naturally.


How to get rid of dandruff naturally

Get rid of dandruff using lemon

Mix 100 ml of lemon juice with 100 ml pineapple juice and 100 ml of coconut milk and then stir well, apply the mixture into the hair to moisten the scalp evenly. Let stand about 5 minutes then rinse the hair using shampoo. Do it twice in one week. And besides for dandruff, there are many lemon benefits for hair growth that you can get.


Cleans head using pandanus leaves

Wash the pandanus leaves to clean, as much as 5-7 leaves. Mashed pandanus leaves until smooth, then mixed with half a glass of water and then squeezed. Rinse the juice into the hair until it touches the scalp. Please wait for about half an hour and then rinse thoroughly.


Remove dandruff using apple juice

Make apple juice using 3 apples. Mix the apple extract with warm water and stir until blended. Use it to shampooing and wait about fifteen minutes before the hair is cleaned.


Relieve dandruff using water spinach

Boil water spinach with 2 cups of water. Wait until boiling and the remaining half of it. Once cool, knead water spinach, so that the juice out. Apply on the scalp and wait for about 30 minutes. The water decoction of water spinach, used to wash hair.  Clean the hair with warm water or shampooing with a shampoo that matches your scalp. And if you need it you can take many spinach benefits for hair.

Get rid of dandruff using almond oil

Apply almond oil into your scalp evenly, with a massage. Dip hair in warm water, and then cover it for half an hour. And then rinse thoroughly. And if you need it there are many almond benefits for hair.

Eeradicate dandruff using lime and coconut milk

Lime and coconut milk is a natural way that has been widely used to treat dandruff. The combination of these ingredients will make the scalp more clean and healthy. Way, take lemon and take the water of approximately 100 ml. Mix lemon juice with 100 ml of fresh coconut milk. Mix well and apply all over the scalp, massages a moment, let stand about 30 minutes then Wash as usual.

Eliminate dandruff using Olive Oil

Olive oil you can buy in the supermarket. These natural oils will keep the acidity of the scalp, which can prevent the growth of fungi that cause dandruff on the scalp. Way, take olive oil to taste, apply in all parts of the scalp. 

Massages gently, then let sit for 30 minutes, and then wash as usual. If you want softer hair, you can use olive on the hair strands. And you can use olive oil hair treatments for healthy hair.

Reduce Dandruff with Coconut Oil

Do a gentle massage on your scalp by using coconut oil hair treatments, and do it before going to bed. Cover your hair using a towel for thirty minutes. Then wash your hair thoroughly.

Get rid of dandruff with aloe vera

Aloe vera is cool and nourish the scalp. Take a medium sized aloe vera, take the meat and mashed. Apply the aloe vera on the scalp. Let stand for 15 minutes then wash as usual. And do not forget that many other aloe vera benefits for hair growth that you can take.

Those are some tips about how to get rid of dandruff naturally. There is no harm if you are interested to try it out. Do not underestimate the dandruff, because the dandruff causes hair loss if we left unchecked.

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