Causes Of Hair Loss

Causes Of Hair Loss

Hair Loss problem is annoying, because the hair will be reduced more quickly, so that our hair becomes thinner and even lead to baldness. Various methods are used to cope with hair loss, ranging from tips to overcome hair loss naturally, even taking drugs to cure the hair loss. But do you know what the causes of hair loss and baldness?

Before performing hair loss treatment, it helps us to know some of the causes of hair loss, this is so that hair loss treatments can work optimally and can show the desired results.

Some causes of hair loss

Internal Factor

Internal Factor is the factor that arising from our bodies.

For example:

- Stress

- Pain

- Lack of sleep

- Or a lot of problems.

The solution is relaxing and refreshing, and use stress management techniques to relieve your stress because when you stress hair loss occurs or consult with your doctor to find out the best solution for the problems.

External factors

External factors are factors of dust, or environmental factors, if you spend a day or doing routine outside the home, of course will experience of these factors. To overcome this, it is advisable to frequently clean and care the hair. Many clean hair tips that you can use to keep your hair clean.


External and internal causes of hair loss


At a certain age, hair growth will stop, but the loss still occurs and if left unchecked can lead to baldness, so don't let it getting worst because actually balding is not only about age because baldness could attack even in young age. And at young age will be better if you find out about how to prevent baldness at young age.



Stress whether mental or physical can lead to hair loss. When under stress, the body produces the hormone cortisol and noradrenaline. These hormones make the hair "rest" and not produce new hair. So during stress, hair loss may not be increased, but the hair loss is not replaced by new hair. The good news, this condition will only survive during stress. Once the stress is over, the hair cells will be returned to production. So do not let the stress happens to you, and find out how to relieve stress immediately.


Lack of Nutrition

The lack of a healthy diet certainly will adversely affect the hair, which caused a shortage of food for healthy hair growth, so the hair will become weak and fall out.



There are several types of fungi cause disease which results in hair loss, such as dermatophytosis and dandruff. So keep your hair clean to avoid hair fungus.



Mental disorder suffered that makes the person to grab the own hair, so it could experience severe of hair loss.


Some diseases or diseases that have ever suffered, it can cause hair loss.

Such as:

- Cancer

- Lupus

- Diabetes

- And others


Strict Diet

This problem is most common in women. Because you want to have a slim body, the diet was carried it out, until unconsciously the body lacks nutrients and vitamins. And finally the nutrient for the hair was so not fulfilled.

Excessive diet also makes drastic weight loss in a short time, and this makes the hair shaft becomes weak, brittle, and easily uprooted. So use better diet and you must consider between diet and hair loss.



Besides bad for health, chemicals in cigarettes interfere with hair growth. Smoking also can inhibit the oxygen supply to the hair, which causes hair to lack of nutrition. In addition, smoking is also shown to accelerate the aging process, and one of the signs of aging is hair loss, and even can lead to baldness. So for healthy hair will be better you find out how to stop smoking.


Hormones and Heredity

Hair loss can be caused by heredity, genes are passed down through families who experience hair loss.And also hormone changes during pregnancy and usually will occur hair loss during pregnancy, and especially this occurs when an increase in hormones testosterone.

Dental cavities

Do not underestimate dental cavities, especially if you've reached the stage of infection. The body will produce more white blood cells to fight infection, and the white blood cells that will be distributed to the hair follicles, which will make it stop producing hair altogether.

If left unchecked, not infrequently patients infected tooth go bald in a small area on the head. Location of loss is usually close to the position of an infected tooth. In men, sometimes a tooth infection also affects the loss of eyebrows or beard.


Usage of Shampoo

Use shampoos is very influential, if you choose the wrong shampoo, then your hair will be the victim. Choose a shampoo that is really suitable for your hair. If you are confused about choosing a shampoo, consult a doctor. It is recommended to choose a shampoo that is made from natural ingredients, because natural ingredients won’t damage the hair.



Some treatment also has an effect that causes hair loss, such as after chemotherapy hair loss occurs. If you are currently taking the drug then causes hair loss, better consult a doctor immediately.


Sunlight or ultraviolet rays

Sunlight is good for us, especially to stimulate the production of vitamin D, but if the hair is too long exposed to ultraviolet rays without any protection at all, the hair will become dry and brittle, even make the hair branching. So protect hair from ultraviolet rays don't too long let your hair exposed with sunlight.


Chemicals in hair products

Straightening, perming, coloring, and various types of treatment on the hair, which is usually done at the salon, definitely use products containing chemicals.

If it is done occasionally may not be a problem, but if it did it too often, then it can make the hair becomes brittle, damaged, loss, even can lead to baldness, because chemicals damage the hair if you use it excessively.



Living in the city makes us vulnerable to pollution. Motor vehicle exhaust is the worst kind of pollution for the hair, as if exposed to the hair can cause hair to become weak and fall out easily.

Staying in the village do not guarantee free hair exposed to pollution, as it turns out pesticides used to control pests in fields and gardens can also cause hair loss if exposed to the hair.

Those are some things about what the causes of hair loss, hopefully with this information we can more optimally in terms of treating hair loss. And do not underestimate all of that, because it could lead to baldness. To add the information, you can read the causes of hair loss in men and hair loss in women.

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