Protect Hair From Ultraviolet Rays

Protect Hair From Ultraviolet Rays

Talk about ultraviolet rays or UV rays, in addition to damaging the skin can also damage the cuticle layer, and the anatomical structure of the hair. So the hair becomes dry and dull. And to the use of hair dye, if too long under the sun exposure without protective headgear, beside can fade hair color, sun damage hair also. So below we have some tips to protect hair from ultraviolet rays.

How to protect hair from ultraviolet rays?

Wide hat

In addition to keeping the skin from sun exposure, hat also serves to protect the hair and scalp. You should look for hat that is made of material with anti-UV coating. But do not overuse the hat, see climate or weather around us, whether necessary to wear a hat or not? Some even argue that wearing a hat causes baldness.


If your daily wearing scarves to look stylish, while on vacation or out of the house you can also use a scarf as a head covering, in order not exposed to ultraviolet light because heat damages hair if excessively even if its from ultraviolet rays.

Leave-in Conditioner

This conditioner type, widely chosen for dry hair, because contents this conditioner type more oily. And considering the ultraviolet rays and chlorine in sea and swimming pool can be the causes of dry hair, then do not forget to use a conditioner on this type. The tricks, spray on hands, then rub both your palms and apply to all parts of the hair. And will be much better if you find out how to get rid of dry hair naturally.


After performing the activity under exposure to sunlight, either swimming or just a walk. Wash your hair with shampoo to clean. Perspiration on scalp mixed with dust and dirt on the hair, can cause hair damage, and the appearance of dandruff.

Extra Care

Keep the health and beauty of your hair during the holidays or outside activities. Always carry in your bag, a good hair mask for your hair type. And for the night, use products hair care before bed such as night serum or essence, which can work optimally during we sleep.


Those are some simple tips to protect hair from ultraviolet rays. Healthy hair is the dreams of all of us. So, take care of our hair, that our hair always in healthy and strong condition.

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