How To Stop Smoking

How To Stop Smoking

If you are the smoker, will be better if you consider try to stop smoking. Then why we should stop smoking? The reason is because in the cigarettes contain chemicals that can damage the hair. Therefore if we want to be healthy try to figure out how to stop smoking.

Smoking may be enjoyable for those who are already addicted. But it would be so painful for others who do not like smoke, because they have to inhale cigarette smoke, which result from the activity of smoking. Have we thought that those who do not like smoke, was forced to inhale cigarette smoke? Do not we feel sorry for them?

Just look at those who have a healthy body, because they are diligent exercise and of course free from cigarettes. Do we not want to like them? Indeed when we smoke, consciously or not, we are actually damaging our own bodies. But the majority of smokers ignore this. In fact, smokers know the harmful effects caused by smoking. However because they are addicted, they will continue to smoke even though they know the risks. Below are some tips for you about how to stop smoking for hair and health.

Here how to stop smoking for hair and health

Strong intention Intend within you that from now on you

will stop smoking. Reinforce your intention that you will not be tempted, even though you see people smoking in front of you. Keep in your mind, that the person who is smoking is the one who is destroying his own body and remember that there are so much dangerous chemicals inside of cigarette that will destroy your health and even its will interfere your hair growth, so your hair will becomes dull, brittle, branches, hair loss, even can lead to baldness at young age. Keep in your mind that without smoking is much better.



You should be confident that you will stop smoking, and no one will be able interfere with your intention to quit smoking. And keep in your mind that cigarette is the health and hair growth destroyer, so there is no reason that can force you to keep smoking.


Positive hobbies

Make it an activity or hobby that can fill our spare time with something useful and possibly could be something great. For example, learn a musical instrument, sports, painting, etc. Or maybe you could create a tool or something that can be beneficial for everyone. Fill your activities with positive things and eat foods that are healthy and beneficial for the body and eat healthy foods for your hair growth.



If you've been able to stop smoking, keep in your mind that we will not be tempted again to smoke. Grow our confidence that no one can shake our intention to stop smoking. And you must remember besides damaging your health, smoking kills your hair growth as well, and that is one of the reasons why there are connection between smoking and hair loss.


Those are some tips about how to stop smoking, may be useful for us. Stop smoking immediately, so that every part of our body including our hair, being healthy and  strong. And the main thing is at least you can reduce the causes of disease in your body and you can live your life with a healthier, so hopefully you can enjoy your life much better.

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