After Chemotherapy Hair Loss Occurs

After Chemotherapy Hair Loss Occurs

Actually, hair loss caused by chemotherapy is only temporary. Which occurs in some cases, hair loss due to chemotherapy will grow back normally within a few months after chemotherapy. The rate of hair loss is different for each person. Depend on the drugs that used during chemotherapy and the hair condition. So why after chemotherapy hair loss occurs? Here's the review.


Some causes why after chemotherapy hair loss occurs

To find out why chemotherapy causes hair loss, you should first understand how the systems work of chemotherapy in cancer treatment. Chemotherapy is a cancer treatment that aims to modify the cancer cells so that are no longer growing. But in fact the, chemotherapy not only kills cancer cells, but also disrupt the normal cells and healthy cells in our bodies. Chemotherapy can kill cancer cells in the body and harm healthy body cells. Because chemotherapy can harm healthy body cells, therefore in chemotherapy also should be given a pause. It aims to provide an opportunity for the body cells to recover.

How solve the hair loss due to chemotherapy

To nourish hair loss after chemotherapy, you can do the following tips:

•    When the first phase of the hair begins to grow after the completion of chemotherapy, it is important to continue to use a moisturizer to the hair. It aims to reduce the itching due to hair began to grow back.

•    Wear a hat, scarf, and wig or similar that can protect the scalp. It is intended to protect the scalp from direct ultraviolet rays.

•    The hair begins to thin. How to cope with hair loss due to chemotherapy such as this is to cut it off for a while. You should also avoid the use of hair dyes, hair curlers, hair rebonding, and other actions that could harm the hair. The chemicals in hair products that can interfere with your hair that begins to grow after chemotherapy.

•    Use a comb with soft bristles to comb your hair. Do it in a gentle way so as not to damage your hair.

•    Use a gentle shampoo during shampooing. And dry the hair in a natural way. Avoid hair dryer side effects because the heat in hairdryer can damage your hair, so will be better if you avoid using hair dryer.

•    Use a head cover when you want to sleep. It aims to reduce the friction between the hairs with the pillow that can cause hair loss again.

•    You should also frequently cut your hair. With cut regularly, it will stimulate hair growth to be more fertile.

Those are about why after chemotherapy hair loss occurs? And how overcome hair loss after chemotherapy. Hopefully those are useful for all of us

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