Hair Mask Tips

Hair Mask Tips

Hair mask is a simple treatment that can nourish and repair hair texture, from the outside. And now you can also make it your own at home. However, make sure the mask done properly to get the maximum results. Below are some steps of hair mask tips that you can use for your hair. So you can get the best results.


Some steps in hair mask tips


Make sure your hair is clean. You should wash your hair first, with shampoo, before you use the mask. No matter if you skip the use of conditioner, so that hair stem cells are not covered, and the nutrients from the hair mask can be absorbed much more.



Apply a hair mask when the hair is still in a state of semi-dry and humid, and there is no water dripping from the hair. Apply evenly from root to tip of hair, while doing gentle massage on the scalp to facilitate blood flow. So therefore, scalp cell regeneration will be more smoothly.



Pay attention to your hair type. If you have dry hair, branched, or dull, apply a hair mask all over the hair root and hair shaft. But if you have a combination hair, like oily scalp and hair shaft to normal to dry, then you should be more focused, on the shaft of the hair dry.



When the hair is covered with hair mask and you're done massaging your head, wrap hair with a warm towel. The hot steam that comes out from the warmer towel will speed up and facilitate the absorption of nutrients into the cells of the scalp and hair shaft.



Let your hair wrapped in a warm towel for 3-5 minutes until the nutrients in the mask completely absorbed into the hair. You can do a hair mask once a month on a regular basis. However, if you often perform various settings by using styling tools, hair dryer, or perform activities such as swimming and sun, you should do more regularly for best results.



Use warm water when rinsing the hair mask until it is completely clean. Make sure there are no remnants on the shaft or roots. This is important, because if less clean in flushing, may be able to make the hair becomes limp, causing dandruff, the hair becomes greasy and itchy scalp that cause hair loss or even baldness.

Those are some hair mask tips, may be useful and can add to your knowledge.

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