How To Increase Blood Flow

How To Increase Blood Flow

In order to grow healthy hair are many factors that must be considered, one of which is a factor of the blood flow. Therefore, this time we will give you several tips on how to increase blood flow in our body.

Here's tips how to increase blood flow

Routine exercise

Make a habit of regular exercise for 30 minutes every day, at least three to four times a week. Gradually increase your exercise frequency. Moderate exercise that you can try to do such as walking is enough to maintain a healthy heart and blood circulation.


Massaging the head

After a day of activity, usually head feels heavy, and to refresh your mind, it is a good idea to do a massage on your head for blood flow in the area of your head. Massage your scalp or your head so that you feel comfortable and try to massage that makes you falls asleep. So when you wake up you will feel refreshed and healthy.


Avoid smoking and pollution

Cigarettes contains so many harmful chemicals. Smoked only 4 cigarettes per day may increase the risk heart attack up to 50%. Combustion fumes from motor vehicles also play a role in inhibiting proper blood flow. So if you are smoker will be better you try to find out how to stop smoking, because no good benefits in smokes.


Healthy diet

The habit of eating fatty foods can cause the body to hoard cholesterol and trigger atherosclerosis. Avoid foods high in trans fats and saturated fats. Increase your intake of foods that increase blood flow which containing fiber vegetables and fruits.


Manage stress

It has been proven; stress is closely related to cardiovascular disease, sleep disorders, and pain muscular system. In a study suggests that people with stress, many experiencing irregularity of heart rate, similar to that experienced by patients with hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases. So for better life and healthy hair will be better you use stress management techniques to overcome your stress.

Maintain ideal body weight

People who are overweight have a higher risk of impaired blood circulation. Many medical conditions have been associated with obesity, including cardiac disease, diabetes type 2, hypertension, stroke, and some types of cancer.

Those are some tips on how to increase blood flow that we can use to support your health and even help the health of our hair.

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