Juice Benefits For Hair Growth

Juice Benefits For Hair Growth

In order to maintain the health of our hair, besides use hair care from the outside it will be better if we help the hair care from the inside. One way is to drink juice, besides fresh and delicious to drink is also very good for your health. And it turns out the juice is also beneficial for healthy hair growth. Therefore this time we wanted to share tips on assorted juices that are beneficial to the health of your hair and could help to support your hair growth. Here are some juice benefits for hair growth.

Some juice benefits for hair growth health

Mango juice

Mango is a fruit that has a variety of types and sizes, many mango benefits for hair growth support, the shapes are very changeable depending on kinds and also very efficacious to nourish the hair. Mango contains many essential minerals and vitamins. Therefore, mango is often referred to as the king of fruits. So, add mango juice in your daily diet to support healthy hair growth and thickness.


Orange juice

Besides very fresh and good for health, orange can also be used to nourish the hair and many benefits orange for hair. Oranges are rich in vitamin C to encourage hair growth. This juice can help in collagen production and the antioxidant content of oranges is very effective in fighting free radicals that can affect the hair follicles. So no harm, if from now on, you try orange juice for hair growth support.


Starfruit juice

This fruit is also believed can nourish the hair naturally. A glass starfruit juice contains many vitamins and minerals which if consumed can improve the health condition of the body. In addition, star fruit juice contains vitamin B-complex which is indispensable in the growth of hair to be lush and healthy.


Apple juice

Apples have properties in helping the process of hair growth so that you get a thick and strong hair, because apples contain vitamin A which is essential for hair growth. A glass of apple juice taken on a daily basis can help to nourish the hair and also makes the hair thicker naturally.


Kiwi juice

Besides efficacious for lowering high blood pressure many kiwi fruit benefits for hair growth. This juice is also famous for its high vitamin C levels. By adding this juice in the daily diet, you will be able to improve the health of your hair.


Grape juice

Plants that have been cultivated since 4000 BC in the Middle East is very rich in vitamin B. This vitamin can help in the production of hemoglobin, which is the carrier of oxygen found in the blood. Vitamin B contained in grapes can also help to increase blood flow and oxygen supply to the scalp. And if you want to try, beside grape juice you can use grape seed oil because there are many grape seed oil benefits for hair growth.


Guava juice

Guava is a source of nutrients, including vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B, potassium, copper, manganese, fiber, flavonoids and others that are beneficial for healthy hair and hair growth. Thus it can be said that guava juice can be used to help maintain healthy hair and promote hair growth and many guava benefits for hair health.

That’s several juice benefits for hair growth support that hopefully useful to keep our healthy hair. So, keep the health of our hair, so your hair can always grow up healthy and we could avoid hair loss or baldness.


Do not excessive in consuming juices, because it could be bad too for your health if excessive in consuming.

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