Celery Benefits For Hair

Celery Benefits For Hair

Celery benefits for hair growth

Celery is one of the versatile plants, almost all parts of this plant, from leaves, stems, and tubers to be used as food. Celery leaves and stems are usually used as fresh vegetables and soup supplementary material, while the tubers are used as an herbal remedy by Chinese people.

In addition to making soup, celery leaves are also sometimes used as a mask for hair care. Celery, especially on the stems and leaves contain various antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, proteins, and chemical compounds poliasetilena that serves as an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Celery is usually mixed with hazelnut or olive oil to make a hair mask which has many health benefits for the hair. Below are some celery benefits for hair growth.

The steps create a natural hair mask with celery:

•    Prepare 5-7 stalks of celery leaves with stems and hazelnut oil (many hazelnut oil benefits for hair) or olive oil to taste.

•    Rinse celery and finely crushed all parts of stems and leaves.

•    Combine approximately 3-5 tablespoons hazelnut oil / olive oil until celery collision becomes a little watery.

      (And many benefits of olive oil hair treatments for hair growth)  

•    Use a mixture of celery and hazelnut oil to smear the entire section of hair including the scalp.

•    Allow the hair for 20 minutes then rinse with water until clean.

•    Hair Mask celery you can use every week to get maximum results.

Herbs celery and hazelnut oil is proven to have many benefits for the health and beauty of hair

Eliminate Dandruff On The Scalp

Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial in this herb are very effective in reducing and get rid of dandruff naturally, especially those caused by fungal infection of the scalp.

Blacken Hair

A variety of vitamins and minerals in celery has a function to restore hair's natural luster and hair's blackish that lost due to damage, especially if celery is used with hazelnut oil.

Straightening Hair

Celery can also change rough hair and difficult to set to get straight. You can also add a few tablespoons of honey because many benefits of honey for hair make the hair become softer.

Nourish Hair

Celery also has the benefit of preserving fertility for the hair so the hair will be looked dense and thick. Protein content in the celery plant will be able to stimulate hair growth in order to become more fertile.

Prevent Hair Loss

Celery can also prevent hair loss due to celery is very rich in nutritional content that is useful for the health of the hair.

Health and Beauty Hair Care

Celery leaves contain a lot of nutrients and chemical compounds that are beneficial to the health of the hair. The content of minerals, especially zinc, vitamin A, and protein will be able to improve the health and outward appearance of your hair.

Overcome Oily Hair

We can use celery leaves as natural oily hair care because celery leaves can provide health benefits for hair by helping to overcome oily hair naturally. The condition of oily hair is something that should be avoided because oily hair can cause hair to become sticky so difficult to regulate and become one of the causes of dandruff in hair that is very disturbing.

Remove Hair Fragrance Problem

We could use celery leaves to remove problems of hair fragrance because celery leaves contain essential oils with a distinctive smell of leaves. The efficacy of celery leaves from its essential oil content for hair is able to help remove odors in the hair. The smell of the hair is one of the things that can cause interference for the hair owner and other people around them. So for our comfortable will be better if we always treat our hair and make our hair to be fragrant hair.

Moisturize The Hair

Celery leaves can also function as natural hair moisturizers. Using celery leaves as an alternative as dry hair treatment to keep the moisture of the hair, so that we can avoid the condition of dry hair. The condition of dry hair can make hair difficult to arrange. And this condition will certainly be very disturbing when we want to arrange our hair especially if we want to attend an event that is very important for us.

Refreshes The Scalp

Use celery leaves that have been finely ground and taken the oil as a regular hair treatment can help refresh the condition of the scalp. A fresh scalp provides comfortable conditions and can make the mood always good. And this can make us avoid itchy scalp that causes hair loss.

Indeed, many of the properties of celery leaves that we can take to maintain healthy hair, because celery leaves provide a variety of various benefits to help overcome and prevent hair problems. And what is conveyed above are some examples of the health functions of celery plants. From now on, there is nothing wrong if you try to use celery as a natural hair treatment that is safe and free of side effects. And when compared to hair care in beauty centers, of course hair care with celery is a natural hair treatment and we do not need to spend a lot of money to do it.

Those are some celery benefits for hair growth,  hopefully useful for us. But if you have severe hair loss and baldness, will be better if you visit the best solution at:

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