Protein For Hair Growth

Protein For Hair Growth

Basically hair will fall out naturally, because of the age of your hair usually only last 4 to 6 years. However, sometimes some factors trigger hair loss more quickly than usual. Such as the effect of a blow dryer, hair combing, the influence of heat, lack of nutrients, and can be due to lack of protein for hair.

Protein is one substance that is needed to maintain healthy hair. Therefore, in order to hair protein needs are always fulfilled, you need to know some of the foods that become sources of protein for hair growth.


Sources of protein for hair growth


No doubt that the eggs contain a high enough protein. Eggs can be one of the materials that you can use to prevent hair loss, and therefore, it is better if you regularly consume eggs for your protein needs, especially protein for hair. And many benefits of egg yolk for hair care or you can use egg white hair mask that you can take for hair health.



In salmon does contain some compounds that are needed to maintain healthy hair, among which are protein, omega-3 fatty acids and iron. Some of these compounds are very effective in preventing hair loss and also prevent dry hair. So add salmon in your menu to get benefits of salmon for hair.



Lentils may be one of the foreign foodstuffs in your ears and you should know that lentils are one of the nuts that have a relatively small form. But although small, Lentils are high sources of protein that can help you meet the needs of the hair protein.



Yogurt is low-fat milk and is one of the products of the dairy. Although it has gone through various processes, yogurt still contains a protein that is good for the health of your hair. In addition, the yogurt was also good for the health of your digestive system. So always provide yogurt in your menu to get the benefits of yogurt for hair growth health.

In addition to some of the foods mentioned above, you can get protein derived from several types of poultry meat and other seafood.

Thus, some foods that you can use as sources of protein for hair growth hopefully can provide benefits for your hair health and your hair growth.

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