Habits That Cause Hair Loss

Habits That Cause Hair Loss

Perfect appearance is the desire of every man and woman, but because they want to look perfect, sometimes people do not hesitate to use chemical products for their hair. In fact, some treatments and styling means that one is the cause of hair damage, and can lead to baldness. And one of the causes of baldness is due to our bad habits. Take care of your hair to stay healthy and strong, exhaust all the bad habits that can damage the hair because the hair care is easier than cure for baldness.

So, if we want to give support to cure baldness, we have to eliminate bad habits that cause hair loss or baldness. Below are some habits that can damage the hair.

Bad habits that cause hair loss and baldness

Using hair dryer

Drying also has rules. Do not dry your hair with a hair dryer in very wet conditions, because there are hair dryer side effects that can cause hair to become more brittle and frangible. Preferably, dry your hair until damp and not soaking wet with a towel, and if you use a hair dryer, make sure the temperature is moderate and not too hot.

For the sake of healthy hair it could not hurt to invest in buying a good quality hair dryer, and temperature can be tailored to our needs. Even some hair dryers have a cool breeze to dry hair. It could be a variety of alternative options when drying hair to keep hair healthy, preferably maximum heat when drying your hair with a hair dryer no more than 20 minutes.


Tying hair

Hair tying is a practical way to make the hair look more presentable. But the truth is these habits can make your hair and scalp experiencing tension and stress? If left unchecked, one of the most common problems are headache and hair loss. Therefore, it should not be too tight when tying hair, so the hair can still breathe. Additionally try to always replace the hair ties point to avoid constant pressure at the same point.

Do not tie your hair all day, so that hair can rest, and the scalp is not too tense. If possible, vary the arrangement of your hair, so do not make the hair brittle since been tied. Occasionally let your hair down and use a hair clip to help tidy up.


Wash hair too often

some people because it feels greasy hair, a lot of people have the habit of washing their hair every day. Wash your hair with shampoo every day can remove the natural oils that it needs. Washing your hair too often it triggers the scalp to continue to produce oil to replace the oil lost due to the shampoo. So, how to wash your hair properly?

Natural oils produced from the scalp should reach the ends of hair to make the hair look healthier, wash your hair every 2-3 days, so that the natural oils, works on the hair. Rinse with clean water without shampoo if you need refreshment on the scalp every day.


Wrong combing hair

Using the wrong comb may also result in hair breakage and use of the wrong comb can also make it difficult when combing hair. When the hair is getting longer, choose the larger comb, so it could be easier when styling our hair. So before you comb your hair, you must know how to comb your hair properly.


Forgot hair care

Additionally, if your hair is colored, dandruff, or hair loss, you should find the proper treatment. Let the hair with the condition the longer it will make the problem more difficult to treat hair. Use shampoo or hair care products, which suit your hair problems. And consult a doctor if the problem still occurs. So that we can find a shampoo that really fits with the condition of our hair. And to keep your hair health from inside will be better if you consumes the healthy foods for healthy hair growth and avoid unhealthy foods for hair.


Changing hair texture

Curly or straight hair can be just as good if it was all laid out properly. We do not need to force yourself to change the texture of hair, with some treatments that can be damaging of hair. Identify your hair properly, specify the type and texture of hair. Thin and fragile hair should not be burdened with the care that many contain chemicals that can make the hair getting damaged.

Using a flat iron for every day, also has the potential to make hair brittle and suffer losses. On fragile and sensitive hair, damaged hair restoration process can take a lot of time. And if you still have the desire to change the texture of your hair, make sure you always use a regular hair care. Hair should rest a while, before the start straightening or perming hair again. And you must remember the hair rebonding side effects when you straight your hair with flat iron.


Too many chemicals

In maintaining healthy hair, try to let your hair often in a natural state. Do not over burden the hair with styling products such as gels, wax, or hairspray, because those are products that contained many chemicals which can damage the hair. Frequent use of those products will make the hair sticky and easy dandruff if not cleaned properly.

So, do not let us always do the bad habits, we must eliminate our bad habits that cause hair loss because all of them could lead to baldness.

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