Oyster Benefits For Hair

Oyster Benefits For Hair

Have a beautiful and healthy hair is the desire of all of us. Many people are willing to do a variety of treatments for supporting a perfect appearance. In addition to care from the outside, to preserve the health and beauty of your hair, you can help hair care from inside, namely by consuming oysters as supporting the growth of your hair from the inside.

You do not have to consume oysters every day, because, like nuts, oysters are a high source of zinc. If you do like oysters, you gain useful  addition to the health of your hair, because it turns out oysters contain zinc which can nourish your hair. Below are some oyster benefits for hair health.

What oyster benefits for hair health?

Rich in Zinc

The oysters are very rich in zinc which can make the scalp becomes healthier and make your hair not easily fragile. You can also apply oysters regularly to prevent hair loss.


Containing Copper

Oysters also can make black hair shiny, at least until you reach the age of 60-70 years. Contained copper in oysters can help improve growth of a pigment called melanin. The pigment effectively highlights the hair color. In addition, the oyster is important to maintain the continuity of the metabolism of hair growth.


Having Iron

In addition to preventing hair loss, oysters have a natural content of iron to the increased sensitivity of the scalp. In addition, iron can stabilize the sensitivity of the gland so as not to inhibit the growth of hair follicles.


Vitamin B12

Among all types of vitamins, B12 is known for proper hair care. Therefore, eating oysters can maintain the beauty and health of your hair. But anyway do not forget every vitamin because there are many benefits of vitamins for hair growth.

That's some oyster benefits for hair health. Besides you can enjoy eating oyster you can also get benefits that's can be used to maintain the health and fertility of your hair.

Note: Don't eat if you have an allergy.

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