Damaged Hair Follicles

Damaged Hair Follicles

Damaged hair or damaged hair follicle, sometimes it happens because of our habits, that without us knowing it can damage the hair and damage the hair follicle. Therefore the following we inform some of the things that can damage hair or hair follicle.

Here about damaged hair follicles

Forgot cleaning the tools

Beauty equipment, such as combs, hair brushes, hair straighteners, hair curlers, etc. if you don't clean all of them correctly, it will damage the clean hair, scalp irritation and clogged the pores. So don't forget to clean your hair brushes or another tools to maintain your clean hair and make your hair in healthy condition, and so we hope it's the one of support that will protect your hair from the excessive hair loss and one of support to prevent your hair from the baldness.

Sleep wear cotton pillowcase

Pillowcases cotton absorbs moisture from our bodies. Good pillowcase is made of silk. In addition to soft, silky also remedy.


Before do sunbathing, make sure that you wear SPF throughout the body which can be exposed to ultraviolet rays. Make sure you also use conditioner that can protect hair from ultraviolet rays.


Dry hair with a towel

For any people who have curly hair, avoid drying the hair with a towel. Do you know why? Because curly hairs are tends to be drier than other hair types. Coarse cloth will damage the cuticles on the hair so the hair will be broken. Use a cotton shirt or towel from microfiber to dry hair.

Combing matted hair

Never ever combing the matted hair, because will only hurt your hair. Use a hair brush that has a soft cushion to straighten the matted hair.



If you want to get shiny hair, be sure to drink enough water and taking vitamins A, C and E. And if you are in slimming program, do your diet properly, but don't forget to consider your hair health, because if you are do wrong diet, besides damage your shiny hair, it's could make your hair dry and fall out, so for better diet find out the things about diet and hair loss or will be better if you consult with your doctor. The point is you must consider between diet and hair loss.

Wear glasses on head

The habits put glasses on the head after use it can damage the hair follicle. Besides the pressure can damage the hair, it also can revoke the hair that sandwiched at the glasses.


Frequent shampooing

It depends on the type of hair. Some people are fortunate to be able to wash hair every day without experiencing negative effects. However, for those who have thick hair which is dry, it can damage the hair.


Frequency of hair coloring

Coloring your hair every four to six weeks is normal. But the hair will be damaged if you dye your hair once every two weeks. This is because the chemicals contained in hair dyes can make hair weak and brittle. So will be better you use natural hair dye to color your hair.


Forgetting the scalp

A healthy scalp is the key to healthy hair. And scalp massage is one trick to make healthy scalp. So for better hair health will be better if once a while you spend your time to do scalp massage for hair growth health.

Frequent use dry shampoo

Dry shampoos useful for you in a hurry. However, its use is not too often because it can make hair look dull and can also close the pores of the scalp. And the end can cause scalp acne. So be wise in using dry shampoo to keep your hair health and if you have a time no harm if you try strawberry benefits for hair to avoid dull and damaged hair.


Tie the hair too tight

Tying the hair too tight tantamount to killing your hair. Avoid styling hair by tying are too tight.

Those are some things that can cause damaged hair or damaged hair follicles. Do not underestimate the little things, because maybe that the little things which can cause the hair damage or the hair follicle damage. So be careful in your habits.

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