Causes Of Dry Hair

Causes Of Dry Hair

Besides disturbing appearance, dry hair if not treated immediately can cause hair loss and even lead to baldness. So, besides we need to know how to get rid of dry hair we also need to know what the causes of dry hair.

Some Causes Of Dry Hair


Actually sunlight or ultraviolet rays can also be useful for hair but do not be too long, just takes 5 minutes of sunlight in the morning. And avoid direct exposure to ultraviolet rays, because if your hair is too long exposed by ultraviolet rays, that's will make your hair dry and brittle. So, do not be too long for sunbathing, but if forced to sunbathing, use a head cover to protect your hair from ultraviolet rays.


Environmental conditions

Extreme weather, heat, cold or wind is one of the factors to be the dry hair causes, so best to avoid direct exposure to extreme environmental conditions. So that your hair will stay healthy and not experiencing dry hair.


Hair care products

Hair care products that are high in chemicals can be the causes of dry hair. Therefore use the hair care products that contain natural ingredients, so it will not damage and harm your hair.


Hair dryer

The use of excessive hair dryer can remove the natural moisture of the hair, and makes your hair to be dry. So will be better if we try to avoid hair dryer side effects, but if really we have to use it, give the distance (not less than 15 cm) between the hairdryer with your hair.


Contaminated water

Swim or soak in a pool with chlorinated water is one of the things that contribute to be one of the dry hair causes, because the pool water has been contaminated with chemicals that can damage the hair. And if left unchecked, the hair will become dry and damaged.



Certain diseases such as anorexia nervosa can lead to dry hair, because this disease makes the body lacks vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients. So this disease can be the one of the causes of dry hair.


Once we know the causes of dry hair, we should find out how to get rid of dry hair. One thing that we can do to treat your dry hair is by eats nutritious foods or using natural hair care, as well as drinking enough water. Hopefully by knowing the causes of dry hair, we can much better in maintain the health of our hair so the hair always grows healthy and strong.

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