Causes Of Hair Loss In Men

Causes Of Hair Loss In Men

What causes hair loss in men? The hair which loses its strength and elasticity can eventually become brittle, and then fall out of the scalp. 50-100 strands of hair loss per day can still be regarded as a normal condition. However, severe hair loss can lead to baldness. If the hair loss does not get to the root of hair follicles can grow back, but if the loss down to its roots, injuries can occur and damage the hair follicles so that hair can not grow anymore.


Hair loss can actually make us stress and wondered why my hair is falling out? Who does not panic when we see many strands of hair falling out? Causes of hair loss can also be caused by cell division, when we reach the 30s the hair growth will begin to slow down, but it began to decrease hair growth period and rest period became longer. Some follicles also become inactive, thus, in the 50s the number of active follicles in the scalp only half. Hair color also plays a role, the brighter the color of your hair, the greater the risk of hair loss.

Stress becomes a major factor in hair loss due to stress triggers the production of the hormone testosterone, which is responsible for the male pattern baldness. Sense of tension, especially in the neck and shoulders will inhibit reduction of circulating blood to the scalp and follicles will become weak and lack of food.


Similarly, when we are on a strict diet, disease, or medical treatment such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy can cause hair loss. As in male pattern baldness (hair loss process is usually more common in men that initially the hair at the temples will fall, and then at the top of the head, followed by the enlargement of bald area on that section).


Baldness in men is a progressive loss of scalp hair at the hairline on the forehead and crown of the head. Hair loss happens to men, sometimes makes some men become insecure and uncomfortable with having a bald head. Below are a few things about what causes of hair loss in men.


Several causes of hair loss in men

Wrong diet

If we do a lot of fast food meals, salty and unhealthy diet so that the body loses a lot of protein, iron and nutrients. And this will have an effect on the causes of hair loss. So for your health and for your hair health, you must consider the ways to overcome the problems between diet and hair loss.



Heredity also plays a role always. Hair loss in men is also sometimes caused by hereditary factors that may be scaled by one of the genes of their parents (father or mother)



Stress is also often leads to hair loss. Prolonged stress, forcing the body hormones including hormone in the head, which can cause tension and make hair root becomes brittle and causes hair loss. So Find out how to relieve the stress to get your hair and your body health.


Disorders of disease

Several types of diseases can also cause hair loss such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism, and cancer.


That several causes of hair loss in men, may be useful for us and hopefully we can always take care of our hair to keep it healthy and strong. You can also compare it to the causes of hair loss in women.

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