How To Dry Your Hair Fast

How To Dry Your Hair Fast

Busyness sometimes makes us want to do everything fast and practically, including in the case of dry hair. Because chased by time, sometimes we use the instant way to dry our hair, for example by using a hair dryer. But you should know that excessive use of hair dryer can damage the health of your hair. Therefore, if you are cared about your hair, try to dry your hair properly, not only fast but also safe. Below are some tips on how to dry your hair fast and safely.

How to dry your hair fast and safe

Use the proper cloth dryer

We mostly use a towel to dry your hair. Therefore, choose a soft towel, or even a jersey fabric. This type of fabric, it will not hurt the hair thus making hair stay beautiful after drying.


Patted not rubbed

Most people in drying the hair, by rubbing. Friction between the hair, and the texture of the fabric will cause a burning sensation that can harm the hair layer. Although this technique can make the hair dry faster, but it will make the hair becomes dull and brittle. So pat and do not rub.


Use your fingers to comb

Avoid using combs, when your hair is wet or semi-dry. Use your fingers to comb your hair, and do only occasionally, because when it is wet, the hair was in a state of the most fragile, and easily fall out. And see how to comb your hair properly when you really have to comb your hair.


Short haircut

This is the most practical way, because with a short hair cut, it will be easier to treat the hair and the hair drying process will be faster and many benefits of short haircut that you can get.


Use serum or hair tonic

One of the best treatments for the condition of semi-dry hair is to apply the appropriate serum. You can also use a hair tonic in these conditions to help strengthen and nourish the hair until to the hair root. If you are in doubt, consult with your doctor, what kind of serum or hair tonic is good for you?

Those are some tips on how to dry your hair fast and safely, may be useful for you and all of us.

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