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Some Things Related to The Tinea Capitis Treatment

Tinea capitis is a superficial fungal infection that attacks the scalp and hair. The disease is caused by a species of dermatophyte fungi groups especially T. rubrum, T. mentagrophytes and M. gypseum. The disease is common in children that can be transmitted from pets, such as cats and dogs. Additionally, a dirty environment, hot air, and moist air had a role in the transmission of this disease. Therefore below are a few things you should know about tinea capitis symptom and tinea capitis treatment.

Here are some things about the tinea capitis treatment

Tinea Capitis Symptoms

This fungus can get into the scalp or hair, and then developed to form abnormalities, in the scalp. Symptoms of this disease are usually of patches on the scalp, accompanied by itching and hair loss, in that place. There are three clinical forms of tinea capitis, each form has its own symptoms.

Gray patches ringworm

Tinea capitis is usually caused by Microsporum genus and are found in children. The disease usually begins with the onset of small red papules around the hair follicles. Papule is a solid protrusion above the surface of the skin, clear boundaries and measuring less than 1 cm. This papule then widens and forms a pale spots due to the scales. Patients complain of itching, hair color became gray and not shiny anymore. Hair becomes brittle and easily dislodged from its roots.



As tinea capitis with severe inflammatory reaction. Swelling resembles a honeycomb with pollen of inflammatory cells in the vicinity. These abnormalities lead to permanent scarring.


Black dot ringworm

As tinea capitis that is accompanied by the formation of black dots on the scalp due to hair breakage right at the mouth of the infected follicles. Ends of hair are broken and full of spores seen as black dots, usually caused by the genus Trichophhyton.



The latter is Favosa type; in the form of chronic fungus infection. Symptoms: the emergence of a thick crust, yellow, like cheese attached to the scalp and there is baldness in the head. These infections occur in conditions of malnutrition and poor hygiene factors.


Tinea Capitis Treatment

In addition, medication can be done by washing the scalp and hair by shampoo disinfectant antimycotics, such as a solution of salicylic acid, benzoic acid and sulfur presipitatum. Imidazole derivative drugs 1-2% in a cream or solution to cure, as well as ketoconazole cream, or 2% solution. But the best way for treatment of tinea capitis is to consult with a healthcare provider.


Tinea Capitis Prevention

Prevention of this disease can be done by keeping the health of the body and the environment. Diligently wash your hair with shampoo to maintain the cleanliness scalp. If have pets such as dog and cat treat well, keep your pet and bathe regularly.

Those are some things about the tinea capitis treatment, may be useful for us. Cleanliness is the base health; take care of health of our bodies, and the health of our hair, so you can go through this life better.

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