Orange Benefits For Hair

Orange Benefits For Hair

Orange, besides tasty to eat, good for the health of our bodies, it turns out orange has benefits for the health of our hair. We all know that the hair needs nutrients from the body to keep growing healthy and look beautiful. Therefore we need some foods to nourish the hair so the hair can grow healthy and strong. And one intake you need is orange. But did you know that orange not only can be consumed? You can also apply it directly to the hair, to substitute conditioner and cream bath. And the following we will give a few examples of the benefits of orange, for the health of our hair, below some orange benefits for hair health.


The orange benefits for hair health

Natural Conditioner

Mix the lemon juice with honey and pure water to taste, then smeared evenly to all parts of the scalp and hair while shampooing. Let stand for 10-15 minutes and you will get your hair soft and beautiful.


Shiny hair

Use orange such as using hair vitamins, with a mixture of honey, to get your hair shiny. Let stand for 5-10, after evenly massaged into the hair then rinse thoroughly with cold water.


Nourish hair

Vitamin C and bioflavonoids contained in oranges can help nourish the hair roots and help hair growth. This is because both the compound can improve blood circulation in the scalp. So our hair can grow lush and healthy.


Reduce dandruff

Orange peel turned out one of the tricks which can help us to get rid of dandruff naturally. Grate the orange peel and mix with lemon juice, apply all over the scalp, massage gently and let stand for 25 minutes. The result will be seen after one month of treatment.


Thus some orange benefits for hair health may be useful and can be used to help nourish your hair growth, reduce hair loss and hopefully can avoid baldness.


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