Causes Of Baldness

Causes Of Baldness

Hair is supporting confidence for men and women. Having a beautiful and lovely hair can add self-confidence. Damage to the hair will make every woman who experienced it, will be stressed. A lot of things, which can lead to damaged hair and causes of baldness.    

Here are some causes of baldness


This gene can be passed down from either parent mother or father. This hair loss usually occurs in the hair behind the line of bangs, and usually occurs in the early age of 20 years and occurs with a slow process.

Hair loss caused by genetic factors is usually called androgenetic alopecia.


Hormone imbalance

When a woman realizes that occurred on hair loss, and there is excess hair growth on other parts of the body. This hormone imbalance can lead to polycystic ovarian syndrome, where the ovaries produce too much male hormone. It usually occurs in women at the age of 11 years. This syndrome is a result of hair loss, irregular menstruation, acne, and cysts in the ovaries.


The phenomenon of hair loss that occurs after pregnancy, major surgery, drastic weight loss, and excessive stress is called telogen effluvium. Women with telogen effluvium usually be aware of hair loss in six weeks to three months after periods of stress. At its height, hair loss can be as much as one full hand. The process of hair growth will be faster switch to a resting phase before falling out, or called the telogen phase.


Unhealthy Scalp

Unhealthy scalp can cause inflammation which results in hair is hard to grow and of course if left unchecked can lead to baldness. One reason is dandruff. Use a suitable shampoo for scalp care, to take anti fungal medication can solve this problem



Anemia or blood deficiency can lead to panic, weakness, headaches, difficulty concentrating, decreased temperature of hands and feet, pale skin, and hair loss. And that's why the anemia could be one of the causes of baldness because there is a link between anemia and hair loss.

A woman who is experiencing menstrual too much and not enough foods that contain a lot of iron will experience a shortage of red blood cells, and these cells, useful for carrying oxygen to the body's organs, and provide energy.

Consuming foods rich in iron such as beef, green vegetables, cereals, and nuts may reduce the symptoms of anemia. In addition, vitamin C may facilitate the absorption of iron in the body. Within a day, women need 18 mg of iron, and after menopause only need 8 mg of iron per day.


Hipotiroidis / hypothyroidism

It occurs when the body is not enough to produce thyroid hormones, which are responsible for metabolism, heart rate, and mood. Thyroid hormone responsible for the body's metabolism, and use oxygen and energy for hair growth, as well as skin and nail growth.


Excessive use of chemicals

If too many head cleaning, styling, coloring can cause damage to the hair. Hot temperatures and chemicals can weaken the hair resulting in hair loss that can lead to baldness. And to cope with the loss, avoid the use of hair dryers that are too hot, too often hair coloring, and the use of other chemicals. So try to avoid chemicals because chemicals damage the hair.

That's some of the causes of baldness, may be useful for us.

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